Director of Public Health & Family Welfare, Govt . of Andhra Pradesh

Staff Nurse Recruitment Provisional Merit List - Details  - 2007

  Registration Number ::    Registration Number Should Be 5 digits Only
Registration No   Qualification
Candidate Name   Marks Obtained
Fathers Name   Max Marks
Date Of Birth   Percentage Weightage for 55%
Soc Status   Contract Service Weightage
Local / Non Local   Total Marks
Zone   Zonal Merit Number
Ph/Ex service   Remarks
Note : The applicants are hereby directed to file their representation for clarification to The Director of Health, Koti , Hyderabad or the concerned Regional Director of Medical & Health Services during working hours of 10.30AM to 5.00 PM on or before 10-06-2010. Any objections to be addressed in writing to RDM & HSs concerned.