Vaccination Appointment for International Travelers (VAIT)

Yellow Fever Vaccination is given only on Tuesdays

Yellow fever :

·      Mandatory vaccination against yellow fever is carried out to prevent the importation of yellow fever virus into vulnerable countries. These are countries where yellow fever does not occur but where the mosquito vector and non-human primate hosts are present. Importation of the virus by an infected traveller could potentially lead to the establishment of infection in mosquitoes and primates, with a consequent risk of infection for the local population. In such cases, vaccination is an entry requirement for all travellers arriving from countries, including airport transit, where there is a risk of yellow fever transmission. If yellow fever vaccination is contraindicated for medical reasons, a medical certificate is required for exemption.

·      The International Certificate of vaccination or revaccination against Yellow fever is valid only if the vaccine used has been approved by the World Health Organization and if the vaccinating center has been designated by the Health administration for the territory in which that center is situated.

·      The validity of this certificate shall extended for period of ten years, beginning ten days after the date of vaccination or, in the event of a revaccination within such period of ten years, from the date of that revaccination.

·        This certificate must be signed by in his own hand by a Medical practitioner or other person authorized by the National Health Administration; his official stamp is not an accepted substitute for his signature.

·        Any amendment of this certificate, or erasure, or failure to complete any part of it, may render it invalid.

International certificate of vaccination or revaccination against yellow fever
Certificate international de vaccination ou de revaccination center la fièvre jaune